Here are my recommended companies and organizations:

DCP Productions is a full service HD production house in Baltimore, MD.  From scripting, scoring, field production, post-production, original music production, Foley....HD Video and HD Audio.  See their website for more details.

Sitewelder provides easy to use and exquisite designed templated websites for photographers and visual artists. It is a robust and affordable system that will make your work shine.  See their website for more details.

The American Society of Picture Professionals is a community of image experts committed to sharing their experience and knowledge throughout the industry.  We provide professional networking and educational opportunities. If you create, edit, research, license, manage or publish pictures, ASPP is the place for you.

For Grahic Design, Web Solutions, and Illustrations  CRAWDAD Communicationns Joe Sutliff, visit:

For customized web design, please visit and consider:Vince Rome as your web person.

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