Laurence L. Levin

Producer - Photo Editor - Photographer 

Photography plays a big role in my career. It brought me into contact with many people, famous and not so famous as well as observing many events and situations.   My experiences as a photographer, agent, photo researcher and editor, provided me with  an education as well as business and management skills that will benefit you.  Additionally, my involvement in  professional organizations provides  the opportunity to participate and network within the industry so I can serve my clients better.


Earned an MFA in Film and Electronic Media at American University in 2005.  My thesis project,                Stryker’s America, distributed by,  is  a video documentary about Roy Stryker and the Farm     Securities Administration photography collection.  Additional production experiences include: “The West Wing,” “The Apprentice,” GEICO commercials and other  productions.




Photo Editor/Researcher
 Over 15 years as a photo editor and researcher, working for magazines, book publishers  and  organizations, I bring unique and knowledgeable credentials to photo research, managing  projects,  assignments and databases. As a photo editor was fortunate to hire outstanding  photographers  throughout the U.S. as well as obtaining images from many agencies and  archives.  For Stryker’s  America,  images were acquired from the Library of Congress,  National Archives,  and University  of Louisville. Completed the photo research for the book “The First Americans: Photographs from the  Library of Congress” and  “Vietnam:  Images from Combat Photographers” at the National Archives.








As a magazine photo editor in Washington, DC, I photographed events and people on Capitol Hill and in The White House  Recently,   completed photography assignments for DCP Productions,  The Swiss  Embassy, GEICO Insurance, USAID, German American Business Council, The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, Save the Children, Special Olympics and Best Buddies.  All my work is done digitally, supplying my clients with professional quality, amiable service under deadline and within budget.

All these experiences translate in my ability and desire to provide you with outstanding service at a reasonable cost. Contact me to discuss how I can help you.




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